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Why You Should Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

It is certainly possible for you to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy without hiring an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to represent you.  However, filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is a very precise and detailed process.  If you do not hire a bankruptcy attorney and file your petition properly, there is a substantial risk that your Chapter 7 petition may be dismissed or that some of your debts might be ruled non-dischargeable.  You might not be able to retain some of your property that would otherwise have been exempted.   Don't take that risk! 

The prospect of filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming and it's easy to ignore the creditor calls and letters.  But do not wait to discuss your situation with our bankruptcy attorneys.  There is no charge for the review and there is a substantial risk to delaying particularly if you have been served with a summons.  Once you have been served if you don't properly respond or file a bankruptcy petition, you may be defaulted.  Once you are defaulted your wages may be garnished and/or your property attached.  These problems may be dealt with in Bankruptcy Court but they add a layer of proceedings and cost to you that you can avoid by acting promptly.

Even if you haven't been sued, our bankruptcy attorneys may be able to help you resolve your debts without having to file a Chapter 7 on your behalf, but if your situation doesn't present a viable alternative to bankruptcy, we will process your  bankruptcy in a way that minimizes your anxiety and maximizes your exemptions.   Contact us and speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney now.   We can guide you through the process and give you the support and direction you need to put yourself back on the path to financial security.   

RI Bankruptcy Attorney, Carl P. DeLuca, Esq

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The bankruptcy courts can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – our bankruptcy attorneys are here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need. Don't let yourself get buried in details. Contact us instead and let our bankruptcy attorneys help you.

We are experienced bankruptcy attorneys working day in and day out helping people recover from serious financial setbacks. Find out how our bankruptcy services can help you get on the path to financial healing.  Contact us and one of our bankruptcy lawyers will call or email you as soon as possible.  The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process.