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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Every year thousands of people hire a bankruptcy attorney to help them file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition after coming to the conclusion that they have no better options.  No one wants to file for bankruptcy but for many people their choices are limited by the mathematical realities.  After a period of illness, unemployment, and/or divorce, they come to the point where even if they can get back on their feet to the extent that they can pay their current bills, they will never be able to pay the debt that they accumulated during the period of their financial distress.  It’s exactly for these reasons and for these people that the Bankruptcy Code was enacted.  They need the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. 


When you contact us for help, one of our bankruptcy attorneys we will review your situation with you and give you a preliminary opinion as to how you should proceed.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is not the only path towards a more balanced financial future and there may be other options you can choose and even other types of bankruptcy.   If you submit your financial information to our bankruptcy lawyers using our secure, state of the art internet portal we can provide you a complete and final determination as to whether you qualify and would benefit from filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy without payment or commitment.   You can use the portal in your own time and at your own pace.  We will also be able to tell you whether or not you pass the means test based on your income and expenses, using our bankruptcy software and then quote you an exact cost for the Attorney Fee.      


If you decide that Chapter 7 is a good choice for you, we will prepare the petition for you and represent you at the 341 meeting.  You will need to take a creditor counseling class before you file and debtor education course before you are discharged.  The cost for these classes is not that great and we can direct you to a cost effective online provider of these course that is approved by the Bankruptcy Court.  Usually, you will spend less than $60.  Unfortunately, there is no way around taking these courses.  The Bankruptcy Court requires it, but we will walk you through every step of the process.

Call our bankruptcy lawyers for assistance or submit your information to us for a free review using our secure, online MyCaseInfo questionnaire at no charge by registering below: